Problem with Scenes and Styles

Whenever I select a scene, the style settings change to the software default settings (not even the default template settings). Under the Scenes tab, I have the box Style and Fog checked to save, but SU keeps updating incorrectly.

It’s only doing what you tell it to do. Did you update the style to reflect the changes you made? Did you update the scene to use the updated style?

When you create a scene or update one and the style has been edited, do you get a warning message asking you what you want to do about the style? Or did you turn that off so it doesn’t show?

What version are you using? We fixed a bug in 2017 that could result in the problem you describe.

I’m using Pro 2017, Version 17.3.116.

Bingo, this was it. I needed to update the style. I don’t remember this needed to be done in previous versions though.


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It’s been a thing since there were styles to edit and scenes to make. Ensure that you have the warning enabled so when you make or update a scene, you get alerted if the style needs to be updated or a new style created.

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