Styles changing without saving them

I’m having an issue where my Styles will automatically save changes after I tinker around with a style… say I have a Style called ‘Modeling’, which is set to monochrome colors, sections off, and no profiles… then when I’m working on the model, I’ll go within the Style dialog box and change it to a monochromatic color with sections on and profiles turned on to see the model differently… but then I’ll click over to another scene, without updating the style, but then all of my scenes using the ‘Modeling’ style have changed to reflect these temporary edits to the style, that I had no intention of sticking with. It is a huge pain in the butt, and has been present since the arrival of SU2022. Any ideas?

I’m not seeing that in Sketchup 2022. Is it possible you have turned off Styles and Fog in the scene Properties to save? If the style properties weren’t being saved with the scene what you describe would be the normal process.

Does the large style thumbnail show the curved arrows on it when you’ve made the edits? If you keep the Styles panel open do those arrows disappear when you change scenes or do something else?

Thanks for chiming in here DaveR. Nope, the style/fog hasn’t been engaged or disengaged upon updating a scene… And the large style thumbnail does show the curved arrows, as soon as I have made any edit to the scene. But, I don’t even have to update a scene for the styles issue to happen. Say I’m working on a scene called ‘Main Floor Plan’, with a section cut activated… and then I go in and change the style to see something differently… say I deactivate the section plane to see the whole model… then I don’t hit anything else, and I go to my ‘Second Floor Plan’ scene, which had the same style setting as ‘Main Floor Plan’, it will now appear with the section plans deactivated, even though I didn’t change any scene or update any style. This is super problematic, as whole drawing sets will start to quickly get cumbersome as styles automatically shift around. Very weird behavior.

It would be helpful to see aS SketchUp file that has this issue especially after you have made a style change.

It’s these checked properties that DaveR is talking about, are all of these checked for the scenes in question?

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