Unexpected behavior saving styles with scenes


Doing some research for a new tutorial, and a just noticed a strange behavior when saving scenes, then temporarily overriding the style you saved with the scene. I know this has happened to many of us but I just finally put my finger on it. What do you think? Is this a bug? or am I just not seeing the benefit of this behavior?


Hi Matt,

I see no unexpected behavior in the example.
SU did exactly what it was told to do.

The two Scenes share one Style.
Thus SU must render both Scenes in the same Style.

It follows that saved edits to that Style are reflected in both Scenes bearing the Style.

It also follows that during an active editing session of that Style; any unsaved edits are (must be) reflected in both Scenes bearing the Style.

Exit the Style editing session thereby discarding unsaved changes made to the Style.
• One click on the Style in the In Model panel ends the Style editing session, discarding unsaved changes.
• Activating a different Style ends the current Style editing session, discarding unsaved changes.


Hey Geo,

While I follow your logic, I don’t feel like styles should behave this way. If I understand correctly, what you’re saying is: If you override a style property, SketchUp should actively update the saved style definition in real time with those edits, until you abort by activating a different style, or reloading the original. This doesn’t make sense to me, and leads to unexpected behavior for the user.

I feel like the style definition should never change unless the user specifically clicks the Update button in the Styles window. The user should always have control over the style definition, and not have to remember to activate a different style in order to reset the overrides.

If you activate a scene that has a style saved to it, SketchUp should load the saved style properties and throw away any temporary overrides you’ve made to it.

My underlying logic is this: If I save something, I don’t expect it to change, under any circumstances unless I manually click update.


Hey Matt,

I fully agree with you.
It’s not logical when changing style properties for doing modeling the saved states of scenes changes. It’s even worse when the settings isn’t really a style setting like toggle the section cut.




I’m also 100% with you Matt. I think it’s quite confusing the current behaviour. IMO choosing a different scene should reset the applied style.