Comprehensive info on styles and related functions

Can anyone recommend a comprehensive resource (in any format) that easily explains the relationships and hierarchy between all the style and view/print/show functionality in the sketchup suite?

I’ve been using Sketchup for about six weeks and have started really trying to use the style, scene, viewport, tag architecture and hierarchy… after watching various videos and reading and mucking about I find myself becoming even more confused and frustrated

For instance, I want to do something simple like set the sky,ground and background colors in some scenes in the sketchup model to white - so they won’t print from layout. I can find how to set these in styles but when I change scenes my style settings go away. And I know I’ll need to really master this stuff to do the much more complicated projects I want to do.

I’m using the latest version 2020.2.

Can Aaron do a video series on this? or does one exist already?

After you edit the style settings you need to update the style. Just click on the style’s thumbnail at the top left of the Styles panel.

I tried this. I can’t get any style to stay set. even saving and exiting sketchup. The style reverts to SimpleStyle 1. I am either missing something, going crazy, or something is just not right. or all of the above.

When you reopen SketchUp are you just starting a new file?

got the style to finally save with the scene. was able to save and update in Layout and get the style changes I wanted to show in my viewport.

found this video that has good explanation of scenes and styles:

most importantly he shows that there is a little menu under each scene tab that has ‘update’. that updates the scene and keeps the changes. Not very obvious.

Still wanting the bible on how all this style, scene, viewport, tag architecture and hierarchy works.

maybe I have to build that reference myself:
here we go:

chapter one, scenes and styles:

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If you modify and update a style already used in a scene or scenes, you won’t need to update the scene itself. If you edit the style but don’t update it, you could update the scene at which time you should get a warning message telling you that the style has been changed but not updated and asking you what you want to do about it. If you’ve disabled that warning you should re-enable.

The style is just one of the properties normally saved when a scene is created so if you change the style or any of those other properties, you would need to update the scene. That can be done by right clicking on the scene tab and choosing Update or it can be done from the Scenes panel. Doing it in the Scenes panel gives you more control and the opportunity to update multiple scenes in one go.