Updating Scenes (Options)


My model has 20 scenes. I want to go back and change the camera position on each scene, however when i update the scene, i’m given the following options:

A - Update Selected Style
B - Save As A New Style
C - Do Nothing

I don’t really understand what this means.

Q1 - if i choose A, what exactly am i updating in my scene?

Q2 - if i choose B, what are the downfalls of save as a new style?

Q3 - why is the option to ‘Do Nothing’ here, is this the same as clicking a cancel button?

Thanks in advance for your help.

If you haven’t found it yet, SketchUp has a Styles editor, so you can have (for example) a coloured model, monochrome, sketchy lines, hand drawing lines, etc, just different ways to present your work. These styles can be saved per scene.
For example:
Scene1: You may want a standard clean line monochrome for a floor plan
Scene2: A coloured elevation
Scene3: A coloured with textured perspective angled view

So when you update scenes, you can change the styles (or already did) and it’s asking you if you want to update to the current styles, save the current style (if you made your own style) or do nothing (keep the style it was before)

If you’re unsure which option you should select, the “savest” option will be B.

Thanks guys, yes i’m very familiar with the Styles panel, however i don’t understand why it asks me if i want to update a style, when i have only changed the camera view (nothing to do with styles).

I could understand if this pop up was just generic, however it only pops up 90% of the time when i update a scene, so it seems to have a reason to ask about Styles, even though i have not changed anything in relation to Styles.

Hi Josh,

It’s hard to say without working with the model.
My guess is the model was rendered onscreen with unsaved Style changes when the Scene was created or previously updated.
If you chose, C - Do Nothing, back then, the Scenes and Styles Warning will pop up again unless you just happen to have switched to the Style saved with the Scene.

You’re building a rather complex model whose Styles are controlled by Scenes.
There are multiple ways to add and/or update a Scene.
It’s not clear exactly how you’re going about creating / updating them.
• View > Animation > …
• Scene Tab Context Menu > …
• Scene Manager

The best way to see, understand and control things is via SketchUp’s model mangers.
Create and manage Scenes via the Scenes Manager.
Keep the Styles Browser-In Model panel open as you’re creating/updating Scenes.
The same applies to other managers whose features you may be using and whose properties are saved by a Scene.
Ex. Layers or Fog

The model manager dialogs are “sticky”; dock them together and you can move them as one.
Experienced modelers usually keep them all out / minimized; except for Entity Info and those in use.
Yes, they tend take up a fair amount of screen space.
Setup a shortcut for Window > Hide Dialogs and you can toggle them all on/off with ease.