Style changes save upon saving file

I notice if i change something about my style (IE turning on section planes) and then I save the file (File>save) it will update my style to reflect those changes in every scene. This has been very problematic for me because I have close to 50 scenes that rely on those styles.

I cannot reproduce this behavior in 2021. Saving the file does not update the style or scene so even after File>save if I reload any scene it shows with it’s previously saved style as expected. Let me make sure I understand the problem. You have a single style being used in multiple scenes, you make a change (via View menu or via styles pallet>edit?) such as turning on section planes visibility. Then Without updating the scene or the style you choose File>Save and after a save you find that clicking on any scene tab shows the new style choice and not the style the scene was saved with?

One guess is that you have the Style and Fog option unchecked in the extended options of your scenes pallet for all the scenes in question. If this is the case any change made to the current style will be reflected in all scenes (regardless of saving the file or updating scenes or styles) as the style is not a saved parameter of the scenes.

If you can post your .skp file here we can take a closer look and determine what’s going on.

That is exactly what’s happening. I have all of the “properties to save” boxes checked off in each scene as well. I’m not able to share the file because it has some copyrighted info in the file. I was just trying to see if this was happening to anybody else.

This is exactly your problem. Turning off the Properties to save with your scenes means you want whatever the current state of those properties are to be displayed. If you want a specific style to display when you click on a scene tab, that style property needs to be saved as part of the scene.

Wait, do you mean “checked off” as in having a check mark or checked “off” as in an empty box?


Pardon my miscommunication. Checked off meaning they ARE checked.
Every box has a check.

Ok. That’s different.

I can’t reproduce what you are describing if the style has been saved with the scene. It doesn’t matter what changes I make to the style after the scenes are established. If I don’t update the scenes with the modified style, they show the style they were created with.

I wonder if there’s some extension you have that might be involved in this.

When I start skechup (since the last update) I get this error.

That shouldn’t have anything to do with the styles. That’s just an error indicating there’s a problem with an extension. Do you use jpc_JointPull?

Yeah, I’ll use it to thicken surfaces.

It looks like it has a problem. Have you tried Fredo6’s Joint Push/Pull?

Not yet, I can try it

You can get it along with LibFredo6 at Sketchucation.

This doesn’t sort out your style thing, though. There’s got to be some little tidbit of information missing about the process you are using. Scene properties shouldn’t get changed during a save.

It was happening to me all last week, even after resets, and I was going to the brink of madness… but now I cannot reproduce the problem. :roll_eyes:

Phase of the moon? The way you were holding your tongue? ???

There seems to be a problem with some of @Fredo6 's extensions. Have you installed them correctly and included the LibFredo extension that they require?