Sketchup Pro 2022 Scenes Not Working

In Sketchup Pro 2022, when I first open a model, I can not switch between scenes. I can make new ones, but neither the scene tabs nor the scene dialog allows me to switch between them. If I open the model in SU Pro 2021, I am able to switch between scenes. If I save the model in 2021, then reopen it in 2022, I can then switch between scenes again. Something that gets stripped from the 2022 model by saving it down to 2021 seems to fix the problem. This does not happen every time I open a 2022 model, but it has happened enough that it has become an issue.

Share a model file in which this happens so we can see what you have set up.

Just a W.A.G.: the scenes were created without saving the Camera properties so switching between scenes wouldn’t appear to do anything.