Scene Update in Sketchup 2020 Changing Axes or Camera Location

I’m not sure if I’m posting under the correct topic and I’m not sure if a bug exists or I don’t have something turned on. I didn’t get these results in Sketchup 2019 Pro at least.

I have a file that was created in Sketchup 2019 Pro and now has been converted to Sketchup 2020 Pro. This file contains 3 Scenes, 1 scene created while using Sketchup 2019 Pro and the other 2 scenes created using Sketchup 2020 Pro.

I position my drawing as I’d like it to be saved, then I right mouse click on the scene and choose update. See attached. All options are marked (as default). I then click to update the scene. I choose another scene by double-clicking on that scene. Then I position the drawing as I desire, right mouse to update this scene.

When I click on the first scene that I update, the scene does not display on my screen as it was saved. It’s totally out of place.

When using Sketchup 2019 Pro, I could update scenes and when I would go back to other scenes, everything moved about on the screen to the way it looked when it was saved. It’s not doing that in Sketchup 2020 Pro. I think something is maybe not turned on (a checkbox maybe).

Can anyone offer me some guidance?

Thanking you advance,


Can you share the SketchUp file so we can see what you have going on?

Gray Court No 1.skp (100.3 KB)

I attached it. I hope I did that correctly. I’m not a pro and I know there’s much I can improve in terms of the way I did everything.


Can you make some screen shots showing what you want each scene to look like? I’m looking at your file and I see scenes that appear like they could be right for what they are named.

I assume you are doing that in the Scenes panel? If you are selecting by scene tab you don’t need to double click on the scene.

If I make a change to the camera position for a given scene and then update the scene in the way you describe, the new camera position is saved with the scene as expected.

I don’t see anything in the settings that would make it not work.

One thing I do note is that you are using Tags incoorectly. I suspect that you were using Layers incorrectly in SU2019, too. The pencil icon should always be kept set to Untagged (Layer 0 in older versions). All edges and faces should remain untagged (assigned Layer 0 in older versions.) and only groups and components receive other tags (layers).
Screenshot - 2_5_2020 , 3_02_55 PM

Agree with Dave.

I opened the file in SU2020 and changing scenes changes the camera to either zoom in on a specific area (the office, the training room) or zooms back out to show the whole “shell” of the floorplan.

Suggest you reboot and reload the file. If these symptoms persist, I’d recommend rerunning installer (right-click “Run as administrator”) and Repair.

Dave, see attached photos. View from photo 1 through photo 3. I place explanations and results on each.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks for all your guys help.


I sent you a PM–click on your avatar in the top right corner of the forum page.

Out of curiosity, how are you changing the view of the model? What tool are you using?

Good morning, Dan.

I replied to Dave this morning with images to show what results I’m getting when I save Scenes.

I also followed your advice and I am still getting the same results. See photos I uploaded when I replied to Dave.

I’m going to start a clean new file this morning and see if I get different results. Just maybe something got corrupt during the file migration to the 2020 version.

I’ll report back soon as I’ve finished the new drawing.


Don’t start a new file yet, Kieth.

Many thanks, Dave for guiding me correctly. A mind is a terrible thing to lose sometime. I relearned that you must use the pan tool and not the move tool when repositioning your drawing before updating a scene.

Thanks for all the help everyone has demonstrated.



Ah okay, you were moving the model instead of the camera …

I think that’s the correct way to say it. But I was selecting everything, then using the move tool to move the drawing, instead of simply using the pan tool.