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I have created a series of 30 scenes. I tried to update so they all had the same camera view as the first scene…but it then replaced all the scenes with the same view as the first. ARGH.

Can I go back steps in scenes?


Did you save the file? If not you can revert to the last saved version.

If you want to update only the Camera position for all of the scenes, set the first one as desired. Then select all of the others in the Scenes panel (leaving the first one visible) and click the Update button there. Untick all but Camera Position in Properties to update and then Update.

Screenshot - 11_7_2023 , 9_39_12 AM

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The faster way is to select the scene you want all scenes to match. In the scene control panel, select all the scenes you want to match the first scene. Then unselect the camera then reselect the camera. Do NOT hit update, you are done. This works for all parameters.


Can you confirm which version of SketchUp you are using? There was problem with 2023 where updating one scene would update the camera in other scenes, but that was fixed a couple of updates ago. I don’t think the problem applied to SketchUp 2020.

Thanks Dave. :+1:

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