SketchUp for Web reloads the scene when trying to updated it

When trying to update an Active scene, the Scene resets to its initial view instead of updating, and the “Update Scene Properties” windows appears.

I noticed that and brought up the scene, hit edit, made changes with the edit window open, and then clicked at the bottom to okay it. That solved the problem.

What you offered with the “Edit” works the same with the “Update”. If you click the Update first and only then do the changes, it will work fine, but, it used to be different. Before, I could perform changes and only then click on “Update” and it would update the scene to the current view.

Yes, I just got used to moving the screen over to the left to be able to see the scene before updating. I like to hide the axes and sometimes use Hidden Geometry, but now you have to remember to do that with the edit or update window still open before you click or it won’t take.

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