Scenes not updating properly?


I use a scene I call working scene to make all my changes, I have other scenes called floor plan, elevation, etc. Yesterday I made some changes in my working scene and the changes did not update in the other scenes, today I am making changes in the working scene and they are updating, I am puzzled.

I am quite new to SketchUp, it is my understanding that no matter in what scene you make the changes they automatically update in all other scenes. Am I missing something?


What exactly are the changes you are making? Are you updating the other scenes after making the changes?

Hi Dave:

Thanks for your response, I just discovered it’s my fault, I had those tags turned off!

I’ll see if I can delete this post.



you can’t, it’s too late, someone has answered :slight_smile:
besides, someone in the future might have the same “problem”, and you’re giving a solution :wink: