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I am new to Sketchup and so far have just used it to design and build a few cabinets. I’ve watched many of the YouTube videos to learn new things. For my latest project, I created scenes for a simple presentation to family but I seem to be missing something. I started with a front view of the cabinet with doors shut, rotated thru several angle views, ending up back at the front. I then rotated the doors open thinking all the scenes would display as shown in the thumbnails. However, when I run the animation, the cabinet displays the with the doors shut since that is the position it was in when I saved the file.

Pantry assy v2.skp (731.6 KB)

If you want to show the doors in open and closed positioned, you need to have copies of the doors in those positions and assign layers to them so you can show one or the other in a given scene. If you have only one instance of the door, it will show in all scenes in the last position you put it. Scenes don’t animate objects. They animate the camera.

Here I’ve done a quickie showing what I describe above. Two sets of doors; one closed, one open. Two tags/layers created. All the open doors get the Doors open tag/layer assigned to them and all the closed doors get the Doors closed tag/layer assigned to them. Switch which ones are visible in the Tags/Layers panel.

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That worked just like I wanted. Thanks for your help. Only question is how did you change the name of the tags/layers? Mine come up as layer0, layer1, etc.

Pantry assy v2.skp (713.2 KB)

When you create them you can type the name or you can double click on the Layer name and change the name. When you first click on the + in the circle, the tag/layer is created and the field is selected for editing.
Screenshot - 9_1_2020 , 9_37_40 AM

Got it. Thanks again.

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