Scenes / animations

hi, first post i think. thanks for the earlier welcome. looking frwd to learning.

i am struggling with animating the scenes though. at the moment i am just trying to make the figure move 3 places in sequence. once i figure out how to do that i can then apply the technique to my projects.

maybe someone could take 5 minutes and just write in simple steps what i need to do to get the figure to move 3 places in sequence.

thanks, john

If you want to do a simple animation using scenes in SketchUp, you need to make multiple copies of the part of the model that is moving and assign a different layer to each copy. Then alternate which layer is visible for each scene. I tend to think of this as similar to cels in old fashioned animations where the character that is moving is seen in a slightly different position on each cel. Then the cels are placed under the camera one at a time for a few frames each. In SketchUp, though, you can also move the camera between scenes if you need to.

Here’s an example I made eons ago in SketchUp. This one consists of 18 frames, There are 18 copies of the rotating hook around the bobbin but only one is shown for each scene.

thanks for the reply Dave.

i can see the layers tab and i can add more layers. i can also make multiple copies of the figure. maybe you can explain in a simple sequence for me to follow.

thanks, john

So you want your object (a component) to move in three steps. Make a total of three copies of the object. We’ll say they are in positions A, B, and C. Create three layers called Position A, Position B, and Position C. Select the A component and in Entity Info, assign it to the Position A layer. Repeat the process for the other two components assigning the correct layer for each. Now turn off the visibility for B and C and create a scene. Only A should be visible in this case. Next turn off Position A and turn on B. Create another scene. Rinse and repeat for C. Now as you run the animation (View menu) you should see your component move through the three positions.

when i said i can make 3 copies i thought you just meant 3 scenes right? of the same figure? or do you mean something else?

thanks, john

I said three copies of the component and a different scene for each copy.

Here’s another example. There are seven copies of the lower left drawer on this desk. Each copy has a different layer assigned to it. In the first screen shot I have all the layers visible.

Here is only Layer 1 turned on. The drawer is shown in the closed position.

Layer 2, first open position:

Layer 3 second open poistion:

It would repeat for each of the succeeding positions.

Here I’ve created scenes for each position coming out and then going back in.

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ok, so i am working with just the figure you see at the start of sketchup. to begin with then i should have 3 figures on the same screen? then select each one individually and assign?

thanks, john

Yes. That’s it. Two additional copies of the figure. Three layers other than Layer 0. Each copy assigned to a different layer.

so on the screen to begin with i should have 3 copies of the figure?

Yes. Did you see my screen shots of the drawer?

ok, thanks Dave. what about the labelling of the layers / scenes, is that critical? on the layer it has a tab for “instance name”. should that match the layer description?

It only needs to mean something to you so you can keep it organized. Notice in my screen shots I didn’t bother to give the layers special names. I didn’t name the scenes either.

I think you are referring to Entity Info when you have a component selected. You don’t need to give the instances names unless that makes it easier for you to keep track of things. I rarely ever name instances of any components.

hi Dave, thanks a lot for your patience and help. it’s working well now!

thanks again, john