Animate a single component rotating

Hi all - I’m trying to animate a component in my sketchup when it is rotated around an axis. I’ve watched 3 youtube videos and none of them seem to work for this sketch. The component is a rotating surface on a workbench design, and I’ve tried adding scene 1 of the start position and scene 2 with the component rotated 180 degrees. When I switch back to scene 1, it seems the rotation affected both scenes. None of the tutorials I’ve watched works. I’m using sketchup 2017 desktop. Appreciate any advice, thanks!


Transition: (component selected, I circled the guide point I put along the axis of rotation)

After rotation:

Basic scene animation doesn’t move geometry. You need to create copies of the moving object and make each visible in subsequent scenes.
So, make 3 layers, and three copies of your saw, as a radial array, assign each to a layer then make scene one with only the first one showing, second scene with the second one and so on…

The more scenes and copies the more fluid the animation.

I wonder what three YouTube videos.

Here’s an illustration of what Box describes. Three copies of the same components, each set in a different position, each set give a different layer/tag. Only one layer tag is visible per scene.

In my model there are 24 layer/tags. The animation looks like this.

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Ok I understand, I was able to get it working using the method you described. Quite time consuming though. Thank you for your help!