Animation in SketchUp Make


How can I make animation in Sketchup make? I would like to leave camera in one position for every scene and I want to animate the door opening. Every time all scenes remains the same (the last position of the door opening).


(1) You create a bunch of layers for each door position, and copy the component to each layer. Each different layer has the door component rotated just a little bit more than the previous. Then you create a bunch of scenes, each has only one door layer visible, and all other door layers hidden. (Update each scene after changing it’s hidden layer set.)

OR … if you like programming …

(2) You can write a Ruby script that applys a rotational transform to the door component on each frame of the animation. (Scenes are not needed for this kind of animation.)

See the example in the API doc for animation and transformations.

That example needs to be wrapped in your own author module.
Instead of moving the camera up a little bit each frame,… you would rotate the door component about the z-axis a fraction of it’s full travel range.


And if I have a sliding door?


Same principles for both possibilities.

In (1), the door positions are moved along it’s track vector a bit for each scene layer.

In (2), you would apply a translational transform (rather than a rotational transform,) along the door’s vector of movement, for each frame of the animation.


Have you looked at any of the animation plugins? A couple that come to mind are Keyframe Animation [$] and Proper Animation.