Animating a door opening smoothly; not possible in Sketchup?

I’m trying to depict a door opening, as part previous posts. Sure, I can break it down in layers ( at 1 degree increments) but then entire animation has to crawl along at that pace! Is there not a plugin/'ruby/extension or whatever that can facilitate this? Even if I have to cough up a few bucks for one it has to be better that paying a costly subscription to Adobe just to get this sorted.

I don’t have Pro, BTW. Just Sketchup 8.

You don’t have pro, so you can’t create dynamic components.
Can’t you change an existing door DC into what you need? You could change it’s geometry.

Sorry, I don’t understand your second sentence; what’s a DC?

Dynamic Component. Search the knowledge base and this forum for more info on how to create and use them.

You don’t need to make copies of the door at 1° intervals to get a good animation. One full rotation of the shuttle hook was done with 18 frames.

For a door swinging through maybe 120° you’d make copies at 10 or perhaps 5 degrees. Not really a big task.

You might also consider Keyframe Animation.


Why? It has bugs. Do you have an old computer that cannot run the latest version ?

You should still update to at least SketchUp Make 2014.


Have you read up on or tried Dynamic Components?? They are built in as a SU PRO and MAKE feature but can not be created in the Make version. They are the ticket you are looking for WITHOUT having to learn Ruby. From having doors swing open/close or lights on/off. Even different colors/textures swatches. So instead of having two or three instances of a component to show certain differences, say a kitchen cabinet. Making it Dynamic, you assign attributes for three size, closed or open…et~cetera.

Without them you are limited to Layers, Scenes or simply hiding then un-hiding the item instance. But Make and Pro both have a built in Ruby Console, located if you scroll down from Windows tab. So writing your own scripts is an option. I dont know if there is a plug-in that I would guest…?..~ lets you select a component and assign pivoting or rotate options BETWEEN / OR ON AXIS’S…??
If you search the Extension Warehouse and come up empty there is a site SketchUcation …

They have a ton of extensions by authors from the Google days, this was there version of a forum and Warehouse before Trimble bought the writes. This has a extension manager to Auto-install them, that removes the frustrations just like the Extension Warehouse. It only requires a email address to access and is free, plus has there own blog for advice and help. Hope it helps and is another option for finding your own resources…take`er easy and good luck (if you find one post back)…Peace…
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Something to look at…

Scene_animation.skp (89.5 KB)

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I’m biffing! It’s Sketchup Make 2015 that I have. I think the PC is pretty good (it’s in my profile)

Thanks for all the advice! Nothing I download from the warehouse does owt. Dynamic components just sit there, clicking n dynamic components simply reveals a box giving options to turn left or right etc, but still does nothing! Hardly intuitive, I’d say. I think I’ll try the suggestion of Keyframe. Many thanks once again, but this stuff is way above my head and far too complicated for the simple goal desired.

I’ve just downloaded Keyframe, looks pretty good! Many thanks

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