Scene Animation Error


I am hoping this is simple fix.

I am trying to learn basic animation of scenes. I have two scenes with a box in it. I can get the camera angle to change, but I simply want a box to appear and then disappear. I have grouped the box, I update the scenes, but I always get the same result appearing in both scenes (i.e. the box is either present in both or absent in both). What am I doing wrong?



Make a layer and assign it to the group. In scene 1, have that layer turned on. In scene 2, turn that layer off and update the scene.

Ok thanks. And if I wanted to say add a third scene with 2 boxes would I then just make a second layer with 2 boxes?

Or more likely, a scene for each box. Then you can control which box or boxes are visible for each scene.

Great thanks very much Dave!

You’re welcome

And for what’s worth, here’s an example. The balls that are visible for any given frame are on the same layer.

Out of interest I assuming you have at least 5 layers and 5 scenes for the ball animation?

Yes. It would be something like that. I don’t remember the exact number.

When doing animations this way, it’s helpful to think of each scene as a “cel” that would be used in an old fashioned animation. Each scene displays a copy of the moving entity in a different location.