Scenes in SketchUp

Hi there, just created a 3D drawer unit however, I’m trying to show in one scene the drawers closed and another scene drawers open. Obviously everytime I capture the closed scene, the open drawer scene changes so just need to understand if this can be done.
Thxs Craig

The trick is that you need to create a copy of the drawer in the open position as well as one in the closed position. Then assign different tags/layers to the copies. In one scene you’ll turn off the visibility for the opened drawer and show only the closed drawer. In the other, you’ll swap tag/layer visibility and show the drawer in the opened position.

Great many thanks.

Quite welcome. FWIW, here’s a similar sort of thing with a door. In this case I created a serieces of scenes for an animation showing the door being opened so there’s more copies of the door.

Brilliant - should have asked this question a year ago.

I’ve been sitting here wondering when you were going to show up and ask. :crazy_face:

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