Web Sketchup Animated Sliding Drawer Between Scenes Playing?



Hi folks,

I’m pretty much a novice with Sketchup, so please forgive me if I seem to be talking nonsense. I’m creating a short video of a light-box I’ve designed in the 2018 web version of Sketchup. I’ll be screen recording the scenes as they animate from first to last then editing the video for a short, ~1min video, but here’s the problem:

The light-box I’ve designed has an internal drawer that I need to animate sliding out of the main unit, then for it to close soon after. How do I animate the drawer so it opens, pauses, then closes again from scene A through B into scene C? I’d like to be sure I can do it regardless of whether the camera is moving or not.

Just some basic facts thus far:

1). The main unit is its own component and is on its own layer.
2). The drawer is its own component and is also on its own layer.

How can I make the drawer open (from closed) on Scene A, pause (fully open) in Scene B and close in Scene C just by using the scenes, animations, layers and components in the web version of Sketchup 2018?

I slid the drawer out using the move tool from Scene A to Scene B but this doesn’t animate it, the drawer stays open regardless of which scene is playing. :frowning:

Hope you can help, thanks! :blush:


You can’t just move the component between scenes. As you would do in the desktop version of SketchUp, make multiple copies of the drawer in different positions. Assign each drawer component to a different layer. Change which copy of the drawer is visible for each scene.


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