Multiple versions of the same model in one Layout Page?!

Hi There,

I have some furniture I am designing for a client, and am having problems with Layout.

Is it not possible to have multiple versions of the same model… i.e. I would like to show a picture with all the drawers open, and one with the drawers shut etc etc.

Currently I get the model how I need in sketchup/layout, then edit the model to show open drawers and when I update the image reference it changes both pictures in layout.

Surely there is an easier way than having to export 2d files and insert them as jpegs? I’m sure I’m being daft!

Thanks in advance for any help!


Have you had any experience in making scenes in SU. Here you would create a scene with the drawers open and a scene with the drawers closed. Make sure that the open drawer option is on one layer and the closed drawer option is on another layer then tell each scene which layer to save. Hope this helps.

Yes. absolutely it is possible but as Paul says, you need to use scenes and layers to create the views you are using in LayOut. You’ll need to make copies of things like the drawers and doors so you can show one instance in the open position and another in the closed position.

I don’t have a handy example showing that specifically but the image below shows two different views from the same sketchUp file. In this case there’s a scene showing the assembled version and another scene showing another copy of the model in which I separate the components to make the exploded view.

I’m afraid so.

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Thanks for the advice gents- really appreciate it!