Connecting two sketchup models in one layout document

Hi All,

I’m relatively new to Sketchup & Layout,

I have a set of plans I am trying to provide a client and trades where I have two seperate models drawn (One of existing space and one of new space).

I am wanting to combine both models in the one layout document, is there a way to do this? if so how?

Or am I better to place both models in the same sketchup model and just use layers to turn on and off to suit scenes?

Thanks for any help in advance

You can show both models in LayOut. Assuming you have one already in the LO document, use File>Insert to insert the other. You can insert both of them using that method as well.

Have you created scenes in the SketchUp files for the various views you need in LayOut?


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your help,

I remember reading this somewhere before and it has done the trick! Super Simple

I have created seperate scenes within the SketchUp model, and this trick is now working perfectly in LayOut with both models in the one document

Once again thanks

Have a great day


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