Updating model references but only on one image

I’m pretty new to layout althought i’ve been using SU for a while now…
Im currently drawing a double door in sketchup and I’m making the 2d drawings in layout… I exported the top view of the closed door from Sketchup to Layout and everything’s fine. Then I duplicate the view in layout, go back to sketchup to move the doors open in the second view in layout, and then I go back to layout to change the view I duplicated to make it a front view. But then both of the views have updated model references which means that even in the first view the doors are now open. Is there a way to update the model references only on one Layout view? Or do I have to make two different sketchup models? Thank you very much.

The way I would do it would be to model the doors in the closed position and in the open position. Make them groups and put them on different layers. Then create two scenes with the same camera settings, one that only has the open door group showing, the other with only the closed group showing. So you would effectively have two models but would only ever see one in the scenes created.

Simon beat me…

As you’ve moved the doors in the model, the feed to LO is live. The doors have moved in the model so LO will reflect that in both viewports. Because of the way you have things set up.

What I think you need to do is to copy the doors and then rotate the copied ones to make them open. You now have two sets of doors showing, one closed and one open.

The doors should be components or groups… Make two Layers, Doors open and Doors closed. Assign the closed doors to the closed doors layer and the open doors to the open doors layer. Make a scene for each with the camera set as you wish, one with closed door layer visible and one with open door layer visible. (Only one visible at a time).

In LO Select the open doors scene from the “SketchUp Model” window. Copy and paste the viewport and select the closed doors scene for that one.

Don’t double click or make any changes to the viewport that make the scene show as “modified” in the “SketchUp Model” window, that will lose the all important link to the SketchUp Model. If for instance you need to change the camera, do that in SU, update the scene/s and save the file. Then “Update model reference” in LO.