Account Trouble - No Access to old email address


The email address that i used to set up my account is no longer accessible. I am no longer to access the account to change the password. Is there anyway to recover the account to my new account with a new email address. I have already created the new account using my new email address?

I was using sketup free version and have some projects stored that I would like to recover.

Thank you!


Where are the files, in Trimble connect? You will need to contact customer services, you can log an issue via this web portal: Overview

There are SketchUp staff on here but it’s generally a user forum so for back-end issues like this it’s better to contact them direct.

Thank you for the reply. I will try the link. The projects in sketchup free are saved somewhere in the trimble system, not sure where. The saved projects show up in sketchup free when you click on the menu button (three horizontal lines). The window pops out and shows you saved projects.

I am having some email dialogue currently with support, but wanted to check on here as the initial email response to the customer service email was to check here.

I will continue trying both routes to see if I can recover my projects.

Thanks again for your response.

Yes most issues can be fixed with other users and are for the most part, but for specific account access it can only be via the actual team.

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