Linking SketchUp user accounts?

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Hi Donneyclark

If you need to consolidate extension entitlements between multiple accounts, our support team can do that for you. If you just need to install a small number of extension from different accounts you can actually sign into different accounts and still use the extension manager.

As always, you do need to adhere to license terms for any extension you have purchased or are using.

Also note that a Trimble ID is intended to correspond to one “named user” and cannot be shared. Account sharing is a violation of our license terms.


If multiple users (Company’s Design Team) all get same or different types of licenses, what is the interplay between users and web-based features? Is it possible to link accounts for improved collaboration within Design Team and even with other staff as well?

Trimble Connect may or may not be the answer I am looking for.

The interplay works like this: Our subscription packages contain various collections of web-based features and applications like SketchUp desktop, Connect, Sefaira etc… A single license of a subscription is called a “seat”. Each end user needs to have a seat assigned to them in order to use the products and services. This happens after purchasing and is performed by the person who purchased the seats (aka account admin).

If you want to facilitate collaboration between several users you would use Trimble connect. It is a project management tool where people can share files, view files and interact via comments & ToDos (similar to Tasks or Issues). All of our subscriptions include what is known as Trimble Connect Business.

“Linking accounts” is a very specific feature related to managing content contained in multiple user accounts from a single account. We don’t support any account linking at this time. In some cases we can migrate data in 3D warehouse or extensions in Extension warehouse from one user account to another when consolidation is necessary.

Sorry if that is too much information but this stuff is way more complex that most people realize and we do our best to make things flow well so that no one really needs to know about the complexity but that only gets us so far.



I used AutoCAD in my precious employment. So a per-seat license, right? No floating licenses?

Saying “linking accounts” was probably the wrong way for me to phrase my question. I definitely plan to follow the terms of use when using the 3D Warehouse or extensions.

I looked into Trimble Connect about a year ago. I’m hoping for improved functionality. I’ll see what Trimble Connect Business has to offer.


Correct, Per-seat licensing is what we’re offering right now. We don’t plan to offer floating licenses but we will have an enterprise purchasing program that fills the same need.

I’d encourage anyone who has questions to contact a sales rep. We can definitely support smaller groups of users on the new system now. However if you have more than about 20 users you’ll likely want to stick with what you have until our enterprise program for subscriptions is officially available.

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