Is it possible for me to grant a license for my sketchup extension to another user?

I have a perpetual SketchUp Pro 2020 license and I bought myself a one year time limited 2021 license. I had to have a Trimble login and because the reseller I bought 2021 from had a different email address for me than my original Trimble persona I ended up with a second Trimble identity. Now I would like to give my second Trimble persona access to my own extensions. Is that possible at all?

I see that you had a SketchUp 7 and 8 license, are you talking about extensions from back then? I don’t see a 2020 license for you, did you use a different email address for that?

Short answer to your question, yes, it should be possible to give your new persona access to the extensions, but understanding your existing persona would help.

Thank you for getting back to me.

I have 2 Trimble email addresses.
The user name given to me by Trimble seems to be Francis M.

I have been buying SketchUp from a Dublin reseller for a few years now. I have had the latest version of SketchUp Pro just about always since 2008.

I’m quite happy to continue publishing under my old persona but I need access to my extensions under the old persona and also the new persona. By access I mean the ability to grant a temporary license. Right now I can’t do that for either. I do have access through my old persona to my extensions, so I can edit and republish. I’m not able to grant myself a license. I’ve tried it and it failed. Maybe I’m editing the wrong EW.lic files? They are at C:\ProgramData\SketchUp

I’m sure the problem can be fixed.

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Ps I put this message on the forum but Anssi rightly told me that I should not share email addresses on a public forum so I have taken them out of the forum and put them only in this private message.

beware @Camlaman , even though you answered through your mailbox, you still posted on the forum and you might not want your email to be public


I edited the forum post, taking my email/ telephone numbers and reference to the Dublin reseller out.

It seems like stuff I email ends up on the forum anyway. If someone at Trimble needs my new email with Trimble then they will need contact me using my old email, not the forum.

Thank you for the advice.

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Hi Camlaman

If you contact your reseller, they can arrange move your SU2021 subscription to your old email (if that would solve the problem)
Or drop me a DM and I can do it for you (we are the distributor for UK and Ireland)

I can only see a single email between your perpetual license and subscription, so there must be another one that you used to create your trimble ID

As Adam says, you could assign your subscription to your gmail address, then your extensions will work right away. Your other option is to transfer your extensions from your gmail address to your BT address.

I think that you only have one paid extension. All of the free extensions you’ve used with gmail could be installed while signed in with your BT email, and I could transfer the paid one to the BT email.

But do think about Adam’s suggestion. Your BT email would be the admin for the subscription, and your gmail would be the assigned user.

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This is an account case, where the issue is how to get the sign in email to be the owner of paid extensions. I’m not sure there is a developer angle to the problem.

Sure but it did not apply to the Ruby API.
The account holder is a developer trying to grant a license for his extension to another one of his accounts (if I read that correctly.)
Otherwise you could reassign to the generic Technical Problems > Warehouses category.

You are correct Dan. I am a developer trying to grant a license to my other Trimble persona.

Thanks for the extra details. If you want your other you to have use of one of your extensions, I can give that email an entitlement for the extension.


Please could you give entitlement to my Trimble btinternet email for my extensions generally, as if it were my gmail?

Thank you.


I don’t need to give an entitlement to any of the free ones, as soon as you install those they will be on the BT account as well.

I did a test with Window+, see if an email just came in. If that works out ok, tell me exactly which other ones are paid extensions.

WinDoor+ , Datum Level Tool and Dodecahedra are my paid extensions. Could you also please let me know the locations of the correct EW.lic files on my Windows10 machine for both SketchUp 2020 and SketchUp 2021? On the 6th of December I pasted in the temporary licenses to C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\EW2020.lic and EW2021.lic but neither version of SketchUp would let me use the extensions.

I guess there is no way a developer could simply give a license to another user. What if a developer wanted to give some away as a prize or simply as a present?

One further issue with my SketchUp license is that when I try to change from one drawing to another I get a Subscription server response is invalid error and I am told that I can continue to use SketchUp, but I will not be able to start a new file or open an existing one. I accidentally altered the SketchUp2021.lic file when I meant to edit the EW2021.lic. That may be the reason for that. What should I do?

Also I will get my reseller to revert me to my original gmail persona with Trimble.

Thank you for your help.


It may be a while until Colin is up. In the meantime, go to the Help menu and sign out of SketchUp. Then in the Help menu sign back in. See if that takes care of this issue.

Please update your forum profile to include SketchUp version.

I did the other three. Now that you’re entitled to them, you can open EW in SketchUp while signed in with your BT email (and having followed Dave’s advice about signing out and in again if you see an error), then install the four extensions. The ew.lic should be updated without you needing to edit it.

Any ew.lic files at the C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\ level are backups, the file for each version is inside the version folder. C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020 for example.

Hope you don’t mind, but I just gave myself Dodecahedra, and looked at the ew.lic file before and after installing the extension. The steps I gave do work, the ew.lic file was updated, and I was able to make a dodecahedron.


That is great! I am going to try to get rid of my BT persona with Trimble with the help of the reseller. I don’t know how long that will take but it is great to be able to use my extensions without having to alter the code (remove security).

Thank you!

Thank you Dave, it worked.


Thank you Colin. I’ve now have my extensions working. You were very helpful