Problem with extension license

After installing SU 2019, the extension manager proclaims that several extensions fail to obtain active license and license is missing. These extensions still function as they are mostly free versions, excluding the Artisan extension, which demands license. I purchased Artisan in 2016 via Extension Warehouse and it worked OK until installing SU 2019. I have saved the initial serial number, but when I tried to insert it, it did not appear valid. I complained about the problem to the original vendor (mindsight studios), but have not yet received an answer. It is not their fault apparently, because the purchase was committed via Trimble. I cannot find any link on Trimble site to send my complaint to. Can somebody suggest such a link? The Artisan rb files all sit nicely in the appropriate folder (Mac OS Mojave) and its tools also appear on desktop, but do not let to activate them. I downloaded and installed the latest Artisan version, as mindsight studios suggest, but the license problem remained. Are there any particular procedures I should follow with SU 2019?

have you, by chance, purchased with another Google account or Trimble ID?
With the newest version, you can not be logged in differently in the Extension Warehouse, 3D Warehouse , the one that you use while logging in is used.

Two options: If you have a classic license, you can add that license and log out.
You can Merge all previous accounts (You need to have some proof, eg. emailwith purchase information>

I’m having the exact same issue with my existing extensions. The odd thing though is that I’m also having issues with an extension that I purchased through the 2019 extension warehouse. Apparently this is an issue with the Sketchup 2019 Studio (subscription) version as I was talking to the extension developer about it.

But anyway, did you find a solution?

Bump! Having the same issue.

This is crazy! So much time wasted trying to trouble shoot these basic problems. This is the age old tactic of side stepping accountability.

We need a follow up on these problems with license keys not working after payments are received by the vendors.

I’m sorry that I ever tried the Layers Organizer Extension by George Theodoridis! (

I feel like the reseller LightSpring stole my money because support doesn’t feel like they need to respond to my issue. What a mess! How do I avoid these pitfalls in the future? Is there no way to evaluate the accreditation of an extension developer before even trying their product. You end up investing time using a tool and then it becomes obsolete and this causes hours of wasted time and destroys productivity. :frowning:

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