Contacting SketchUp (licensing my extension)

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to reach SketchUp about licencing information for my extension Climbing Walls. Years ago Chris told me to send a message to , but now none of my emails have had any reponse other than:

"Hello, we have received your support request email. Your email has been entered into our queue and we will do our best to respond within 2 to 3 business days, sometimes sooner!
The SketchUp Extensibility Team"

So my general question is, how can I reach SketchUp?

My more specific question is, users of my extension complain that it’s not working any more since some newest update (2020.2?). They’re getting a message that they do not have a license for my extension. My guess is that in the settings of my extension, it says it’s not compatible with the newer version, so it’s a tickbox I should tick. I don’t know how to do this.

I hope you’re willing to help me out with this.

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On the extension home page on EW it already shows compatibility only for SU 2016, SU 2017 & SU 2018.

Hi Bob,

Regarding the extension not being licensed for a new SU version, it sounds like the license seats are already used in the previous installs. I think uninstalling the extension from those should free up a seat. Otherwise the customer can contact SketchUp support to have a seat released.

To mark an extension as compatible, you can sign in to Extension Warehouse, go to My Extensions (top right menu), hover the snowman menu of your extension, click Create New Draft, and tick the checkboxes for the supported SU versions.

Getting a reply from SketchUp can be difficult. If you have the time you can try befriending SU staff and contact them privately. When possible it’s often most effective to ask here in the community forum.

Thank you! I’ll inform those users that can’t seem to get their (paid) license for the extension to work to try this.

So if this solution doesn’t work, who should these users contact to seat / unseat their licenses? Should they send an email somewhere, or fill in some contact form?

I didn’t know about the Draft option, thanks for leading me that way. I’ve now ticked the checkboxes for compatibility and saved the draft, it’s now “in progress”.

It can be hard to befriend people at SketchUp… just kidding (or am I…).

Normally your customers contact us, and we solve the problem in different ways, depending on the situation.

I don’t think the marked supported version matters. If the extension installs and appears to work, then it is apparently compatible.

For the license error, it could be that they do have your extension installed on several machines already, and have exceeded the number that the license covers. Uninstalling the extension from an old computer should free up the activation to be used on a new computer.

There is another issue that I know of, where the EW.lic file is created by the installer in a way that it can’t be modified, which means that when a paid extension is installed that file isn’t updated, and so the extension sees a license error. I have a work around for that situation.

You could start by getting a customer with the problem to contact us in support, rather than you contact developer support. They should be already signed in with the email address that their subscription is under, then use the Message Us option on this page:

Thank you Colin.

I’ve explained my customers what to do. If their problem persists, they should contact SketchUp.

I’m not sure if this would be the case, how can I (or a customer) check if this is a problem?

If they have installed a paid for extension, and this file:

C:\ProgramData\SketchUp\SketchUp 2020\EW.lic

still says “# DO NOT EDIT - Intentionally blank.”, they may have that issue.