Extension Warehouse - License Issue 6/6 Activations

I use the ‘Climbing Walls’ extension which I paid for back in 2021.
Has been great. Developed by Bob Giesberts.
Recently I uninstalled my old version of Sketchup and installed latest version.
In doing so, the Climbing Walls extension now says it is not able to obtain a license and I can see that 6/6 activations have been exhausted.
Having said that - I only have one laptop and only use one instance of the program/extension at a time.
At this stage I’ve tried to uninstall the extension a number of times, restart sketchup and install again. But the same issue is there.
If I install the previous version of sketchup again - then the extension works.
So I tried to uninstall it from the 2023 version, to see if it would clear up any activations. But it didn’t.
So seems like if I use old versions of sketchup that ive used the extension in then it works. But now I’ve used 6 different versions, I can’t seem to continue. Is there a way that sketchup is able to reset the activations so I can continue to use the extensions I’ve paid for?

I adjusted things in your account, and the license should work now.

Great thanks!