SketchUp 2019 Studio Trimble Subscription/Account Migration, Merge, etc

So, SketchUp 2019 Studio isn’t available to those working at registered 501©(3) charities, but there’s a higher education student pricing option. Since I am both actively enrolled and working at a non-profit, I was able to access studio at the discounted price, but it made me create a new Trimble account using my .edu email. How do I either migrate my current .org account and all it’s content into my new account, or merge the two together? I don’t want to have to continually log in and out of accounts to access different information.

OH MY GOD I DON’T HAVE ANY OF MY PLUGINS, TOOLS, EXTENSIONS, OR ANYTHING. Please tell me there’s a way to bring all of my account stuff together


Each version of SketchUp installs as a separate program. Your extensions and plugins were installed in SketchUp 2018.

In SketchUp 2019, go to Window>Extension Manager. Make sure you are signed in. Hover over your name and choose My Extensions. Click. You’ll have an option to automatically install any extensions you previously installed via the Extension Warehouse in SU2018. If you also have extensions you installed from the Sketchucation Extension Store, install it from Sketchucation, open it and sign in. You can then automatically install your bundle of extensions that were installed with the SCF Extension Store tool in SU2018.

Sorry, I come off more dramatic in text than I actually feel in real life. I think the problem is that I was forced to use my .edu email address to register the 2019 SketchUp studio license (since studio is not available to non-profits, my .org email address, being already registered under the charity subscription, was not allowed to be used to register the higher ed subscription).

In other words, the problem is rooted in the different Trimble Connect accounts, which one is forced to register for if switching from charity to higher ed subscriptions… which one is forced to do because there is no SketchUp Studio charity subscription.

Does that make sense?

Just following up here - should I just try reaching out to Trimble directly on this issue?

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Yes- you should contact support for help with this one.

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