Need help with my Sketchup pro 2022 student subscription and trimble account

I’m having a really hard time working with trimble. So i bought the student version of Sketchup pro 2022 from surfspot. I already have a trimble account, when i logged in with my new sketchup it keeps reffering to free 30 trial. I want to use the version i bought from surfspot. I gave product acces to all my other accounts in trimble because i thought that it would help, but it made things worse. Now i cant do ANYthing at all! I dont have acces to all my members or my plan settings or cant even see my plans. When i log in in Sketchup it keeps telling me to get the 30 free trial. I just want to use the sketchup product i bought. What can i do here? Or how do i fix it?

Kind regards,

In the upper left of your screenshot it shows Personal. Click on that, and see if there is an entry that is your name in all capital letters.

Although both accounts are under the same email address, the one with the EDU version has different account details. It’s the all caps variation that has the subscription.