Dual Listings of SketchUp in My Trimble Account Problem

Under my SketchUp (Trimble) online account I have two listings for SketchUp. One is a free version of SketchUp and a second listing for the paid subscription of SketchUp Pro. Whenever I try to open the Desktop version of SketchUp or use the 3D Warehouse it only detects that I have a free version of SketchUp. To fix this issue the listing of the free version needs to be removed (deleted) from my account. Whenever I try to explain this to someone at Trimble it always falls on dead ears. Trimble makes it almost impossible to to contact somebody in tech support. I currently can’t use what I paid for.

This also affects the 3D warehouse since it only detects the free version of SketchUp and it doesn’t realize I paid for SketchUp. Grrrrrrrrr!!!

SketchUp Free is included with all accounts so you can’t get rid of it.

You probably have to assign the seat to yourself (your image shows that you have 1 of 1 seats left to assign). Try going to Members (left side of page) → Your User Name → Modify Product Access (right side of page, click the 3 “…”). You should be able to fill a check box to add the seat.

He did post in another topic as well, and I think he has the seat assigned ok now.

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