Deleted Account by mistake

I have been trying to share a file with a client, but trimble connect was only picking up a sketchup free license, not the full studio.

In my trimble account I have two licenses, free and studio, so I tried deleting the free one. Turns out both get deleted!

I cant log in as the account doesnt exist and a i cant create a new account with the email as it already exists.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You should probably file a support request at SketchUp. I understand their offices are closed until Tuesday for the holidays. Perhaps @colin comes here before that but it’s his free time too.

Thankyou for your response Anssi, i have just had an automated email from sketchup allowing me to re-access my account, so I’m back on.

But if anyone is able to advise on how to delete the second free account so I can use trimble connect properly, that would be great.

Appreciate it’s the holidays, wasn’t expecting a response until after to be honest.

Make sure the product access to the Studio plan is assigned to the email you’re using in the Members section of the account portal.
Then, in sign in with that email address.
The standard SketchUp project might still be under the free account (check settings > project details)

Either switch there or better, create a new project and choose the right license.

Make sure you save the settings when switching account ownership of the project.

I don’t think you can delete Free entitlements. You could delete the entire account, but that would lose everything, which I think you found out!

The email you use in the forum is the one that has a Studio subscription until May. If you are looking in the account management page, it will be listed under the WHITE PEAK DESIGN account, not the Personal one.

Thank you all for the help, it’s now sorted.

Happy new year!