URGENT account deleted

Hi, i need a contact…human voice to resolve an issue with my account. there seems to be a billing issue that is not being adressed…i have opened a ticket and i receive response but seems the system does itś own thing and now sends me messages that today my account will be deleted…
so this is URGENT i can not afford to loose all my files!!

Download your files by going to connect.trimble.com and sign in with your email address, today…

Your support case has been forwarded to the person who is able to resolve renewal issues. Hopefully that will be taken care of today.

Something you could do is start a new 30 day trial for SketchUp, using your same woodworksbb.es email address. That would let you try out the desktop version if you wanted to, but more importantly it would give you 30 days of access to SketchUp Shop as well. You would still see your models, and if for any reason the renewal of the current Shop subscription fails, you could start a new subscription for Shop right before the 30 day trial ends.

thanks, the issue is resolved i believe. what i did was first download all files in case i would have to open a new account. then i went to cancel the credit card on file and added a new one (actually it was the same - which proved the mistake was not mine i guess). and a few minutes later the auto-renewal process was completed,

Good to hear, I will update the person who was going to investigate the problem.