Extension Warehouse Shop not working?


I haven’t sold a single extension license in the last 5 days, something that hasn’t happened since the last time the EW shop was down.

Does anyone know if the Extension Warehouse is currently broken?


I’m not certain how it is supposed to work.
When I click Purchase, nothing much happens.



It appears to be completely broken :open_mouth: . I’ll add a reference to this thread on a ticket I’ve already started.


Thanks for the report, we have cleared up the issue with out provider. Please let us know if you see any additional issues.


The issue about strange error messages I reported to developer-support@sketchup.com on September 10th is gone. No new sales however. Perhaps SketchUp could make a public announcement that Extension Warehouse works again, so traffic can come back?


How about now? I just bought one to see if I could. :slight_smile:


It work! :smiley:
Thanks Dave!


I’m glad to hear it. I’ll see if I can put your extension to work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now it’s been another 3 days without any sales nor trial licenses at all. Could anyone at SketchUp check if the problem has come back? @jon


I’d buy another one but I don’t need any more of them. :frowning: