"basket is empty"

Twice today users have reported they cannot buy my extensions, and extension warehouse saying “basket is empty”. Is this a known issue? Is it being worked on?

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The status page shows a major outage for SketchUp E-Commerce. It’s been like this all morning here.
(Actually it was AWOL almost all yesterday and near 13 hours today.)

Of all the SketchUp services, E-Commerce seems to be the one with the most recurring problems.

P.S. - Probably could reassign to Technical Problems > Warehouses category.

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Any news from SU staff on this? We are now on the 4th day and if nothing happens soon I’m worried sales will suffer in the future too as people get used to EW being broken.

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I saw this for myself yesterday, and e-commerce continues to show an ongoing four day outage. I reported it to my colleagues on Friday, and someone was due to contact the e-commerce team.

Let’s see if @ty_s has any insights.

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@eneroth3 we have an ongoing ecommerce outage on Extension Warehouse.This component is operated by a third party and we are working with them to resolve it. Thanks for reporting the issue and for your patience as we resolve it.

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any idea when the extension warehouse will be working again?

I’ve tested here in the US and was able to run a purchase through without issue.

@eneroth3 can you provide some details about which extensions they were trying to purchase, and what country they were in? Also if you happen to know the day and time. We are aware of an earlier outage and want to confirm whether these events happened during that outage timeframe. (if you know)

Two days ago a user from Latvia, judging from signature, was very disappointing that he couldn’t buy Eneroth Reference Manager (and that I couldn’t help him). 3 days ago another user had issues with Eneroth Pipe, this one from Germany based on the email address.

Thanks Christina, that info will help us try to track down the error.

I am a user from Taiwan, and I can’t buy any Extension in EW, it alway shows:

My shopping cart is empty…

How can i do?


Currently nobody can buy an extension inside SketchUp. But, you should be able to buy extensions in a web browser, though that may not work in some countries. Hopefully Taiwan should work.