SketchUp Pro, annual subscription

Can not seem to get the license for Sketchup 2020 after purchasing. I am still running on the trail version. I have the receipt as an email. Can anybody help please?

There’s no license sent with the subscription license. You sign in under Subscription with the e-mail address and password you used when you purchased the subscription.


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Screenshot 2020-11-21 144715
Hello Dave R
I still only get trial version. I have tried clearing cookies and many other things. I have included my receipt and a screen shot.
Thanks for your help,

Sign into this page:

Make sure the account you select is the Morley Machine one, and also you will want to sign in with your tony@ email, not the tony.morley one.

Once you’re in, choose Members, and under the SketchUp Pro panel look for a + Assign button. Click on that, and add the email address you want to use the SketchUp subscription.

After you are in the list of members, reopen SketchUp and sign in with the email that you just assigned to.

Awesome, thank you so much Colin, I really appreciate the help.