Catch-22 Sketchup 2019 license problem (SOLVED)

Hmmmm… I find myself in something of a catch-22 situation here.
I registered my Sketchup account in 2014. At that time I had another email address.
My email address was changed in autumn 2015 and I communicated this to Sketchup, and they altered the email address associated with my Sketchup account as requested.
So, since 2015 I had my M&S fees and updated licences associated with my new email address. Thus, Trimble has correctly sent me new licenses for Sketchup 2016, 2017 and 2018. But, strangely enough, for 2019 I have not received anything in spite of maintaining the M&S subscription.
Attempting to retrieve the 2019 license from the “Resend license page” I am now informed that there “is a email issue”. Support informs me that I have to use the old (original) email address - the problem is: this does not anymore exist!
Moreover, om my Sketchup account I cannot anymore find my billing history (I observe others have reported billing history problems as well). Why on earth has this come to have happened?
I have explained this in detail to support, but I seem to get no more replies from them. My immediate problem is that the 2019 trial license period is nearly expired.
Would anybody from Trimble kindly explain what has happened/is going on here?

I observed now that Support has just sent me an email with 2019 license information. Also they say that the email address with my Sketchup account is back to normal. Thanks guys!!! You got me stressed up for a while here…
I wonder what caused this account hickup?