Your email or serial have changed, please try a newer serial or email or contact support

I am about to enter my final year of university but am currently unable to renew my sketchup license. It is currently a 2018 version and I wish to upgrade it to the 2019 one. I’ve done the process where you go to the license manager page but it keeps telling me “Your email or serial have changed, please try a newer serial or email or contact support.” which is unusual because I am extremely sure the email is correct. I have done everything I can but to no avail. I have even tried finding out how to change the associated email but it tells me in order to do so I require the original email I signed up with which is supposedly wrong. I have also sent emails to sketchup but they have not emailed me back, possibly because the email is wrong but the serial number seems to be a correct one as in order to contact them I need to have put in the correct serial number. Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem because I can’t seem to find any kind of solution in any forum. This is almost an impossible problem to solve and I need this fixed ASAP. I have also attached a screenshot in pdf form of the license manager page below.

email change sketchup-converted.pdf (158.2 KB)

When you open SketchUp 2018, what does it say when you click on the license tab in the welcome screen?

You cannot renew a Student license, it is valid for a year. After that, you need to buy a new one.
If there was a new version released within the year that you bought the license, you would have received the corresponding license info for that new release.

So, when did you buy the license?

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A colleague of mine replied to you this afternoon, but there were a couple of things that were incorrect in the answer.

The student Classic license doesn’t exist now, and so going via the license manager won’t help. You need to go via the SketchUp Studio Higher Education pages, which takes you to a page that gives the reseller for where you are located.

For the UK that would be:

Unit 8, Thame 40 Jane Morbey Road Thame OX9 3RR United Kingdom
Phone: + 44 (0)1844 263 750

Assuming it’s available in the UK (I’m not positive whether it is), they can sell you the $55 per year SketchUp Studio Student subscription. That will give you a lot more things than you got a year ago for $50.

By the way, once you have the $55 version, next time you sign into the SketchUp application it should show your subscription as being active, that is, if you do the 30 day trial now with the education email address that you give to Elmtec.

If you do the trial with a different email address, then once you have the subscription sign out of that email and sign in with the one given to Elmtec.