SketchUp 2019 education licence renewal

Hi, I am a college student and I bought sketchup through the education website last year and I can not find the same education website. But I want to renew my subscription before it expires. How do I do that because it only shows me to buy the software again ?
Also I tried the licence manager and I have send my email numerous times to find my sketchup licence but I have not received anything. ( I have tried to find it through the software but it keeps bringing me back to the account manager website and I have checked my spam folder )
Thank you

I can see a SketchUp 8 license for someone with your name. Do you have a email address?

The subscription you bought in March is the higher education Studio one, and those are not renewable. Each year you would buy another one, and as part of that I believe you have to show evidence that you’re still a student.

Those subscriptions are bought from Creation Engine, you would visit this page:

Thank you this makes alot more since. Would I still have to redownload the software ?

I haven’t had to go through that myself, but I feel sure that if you use the same email address you won’t have to do anything, except maybe sign out and in again.