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I tried to renew my license yesterday but it is not recognising my email. I emailed but received a robot answer saying I need to make sure and use the same email to log in to SketchUp as last year, which I do but it won’t log me in.

I don’t know who else to write and what to do. Please help.

If you used Apple ID in the past to sign in, it might be that you have two Trimble ID’s already, one with the email of your Apple ID and one created ‘on the fly’ by Apple if you have set certain privacy settings.
That one is called something like

If you go to and sign in using the Apple ID sign in, you should be able to see that under your name on the left.

Many students also get email addresses from school, maybe, some of the three will be recognised…

FWIW, it doesn’t really matter if your last subscription has expired. I believe there is a ‘grace period’ in which renewal set the anniversery date to the original, but I am not sure how long that is. I would just buy a new one. If it hasn’t expired and you would remember which email address you used, a renewal will not adjust the anniversery date.

Hi Mike, thanks for your reply.

I just went to the link you suggested and it is using my one and only email and I am able to log in — my subscription is still valid (today is the last day I believe) so I don’t understand what’s going on when I go to the link where I’d need to extend or purchase my license and it is telling my that it can’t recognise my email.

All I could do under “my account” link is to send a renewal request, but why can’t I just pay for renewal and be done with it?

You need to comply if you have an educational license, you cannot just renew like commercial licenses.
That’s why it might be easier to just buy a new…

But I cannot buy a new one either because that other link where I need to go to buy a license doesn’t recognise my email and there is nothing I can do until someone replies to me from trimble.

For now I just sent them the renewal request and am waiting.

All educational licenses go through the channel (Distributors) or Partners, they cannot be bought through Trimble.
The robot probably checks the expiring date.
You need to contact createenginge.

They do have an email address and procedures mentioned here : How to Order – Creation Engine

Yes, so I go to createengine and enter all my info to purchase a license and when they ask me to log in that’s where the problem lies — I enter my email but it doesn’t recognise it and that’s the only email I have.

And when I emailed createengine about that all I got was some robot email sending me to the same place where I can’t log in… a vicious circle.

Thanks — this is helpful. For now I will wait on them to reply to my request to renew the license.

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