Help I lost my license

I had my account under the college email.
After one year I had to renew the license, but I no longer had access to this email then I went to settings and changed the email and bought the Pro License $299 on this account but after 30 days the account stop working and now is asking me to buy a license again.
I checked my credit card, and the payment went right on October 10, but it doesn’t show my account.
I need to solve this situation because I need the SketchUp for work and I can’t find any way to talk with Trimble.
Does anybody know how to get to customers service?

In a browser, head for and check the ‘Member’ section.
Make sure the emailaddress that you are using is listed and has the right ‘Product access’.

Change by clicking on the three dots at the end beyond the email.

If you can’t give product access to a new email, remove a seat first from one that has.

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