Pro License for employee that no longer works with us

Hi, I have contacted support, but the email address connected with our license is no longer accessible, so they never respond to my support requests. Taking to the boards to see if a moderator can help me out.

Here is the situation:

I work for an architecture firm. We purchased a license a few years ago (2014) for the pro sketchup. The employee that made the purchase, got it all set up with his email, and used it on his computer no longer works at our firm. His email has been disabled, and is no longer in use.

We wish to use the license on a new computer, but it will only work for the 2014 sketchup (which we cannot find to download). I found where we can upgrade our license (, but we cannot get it upgraded because the email associated with the license is no longer in use.
I have a PDF copy of the verification email originally sent with the serial number and key.

Any moderator around here can help us out? If there was a number I could call, I would!


You should contact Customer Support directly rather than trying to get this fixed in the forum.

Thanks DaveR, but I have contacted support, multiple times and received no response.

The email address linked to the license is no longer active.

did you have used the SketchUp Pro support form (which enables you to provide your recent email address)?

Hi Jena,

It looks like we have already helped you as of June 2nd. If you need any further assistance, please let me know and I will give you a call to sort out any lingering issues you may be having.