Licence information lost

Hi everybody,
My trial version of ketchup pro 2016 has expired and I Can’t retrieve the email with my licence information to continue with Make. I think it went to the spam box and was deleted automatically. The problem is I can’t remember the information I gave to fill this: Support - Customer Support Question | SketchUp Help

Is there a way to be resent he license information?
Can I create a new licence with a new email address? When I try to download sketch again and give a new emil I don’t receive any email…
I saw I am not the fist one to have a “Pro to Make” issue but there is no solution about this problem on other topics…

There is no license information for SketchUp Make. You would only have gotten a license e-mail if you’d paid for a pro license.

Since SketchUp didn’t revert to the Make version after the 30 day trial period, it is clear you installed Pro instead of Make. Uninstall SketchUp Pro, download SketchUp Make and install that. Select the proper Make version from [here].(Download All | SketchUp)

No. You’re not the first. Others have also made the mistake of downloading Pro when they should have downloaded Make.

Thank you so much. Now I feel ridiculous. I swear that I have been trying to re-download sketch thousand times! How could I make thousand times the same mistake? This story got me psychotic. I owe you my day.