What happens to my previous SketchUp license if I have to rollback my OS?

Dear All,

I have to totally reboot my computer because windows 10 does not support some soft wares on my comp. So my previous Google sketch up had to be totally erased. Now that I have totally reboot and installed wind 8 on my computer, I need to re-install google sketchup pro on my comp again. So how do I go back to my previous google sketch account?? without paying for another account?? I cannot remember the details I put on the account when I signed up.
Please help.

Which version of SketchUp are you using? Go back and find the e-mail with the license info that was sent to you when you bought it. After installing SketchUp, install the license. You’ll be prompted to do that on first start.

FWIW, It hasn’t been Google SketchUp for over four years. Trimble bought SketchUp in early 2012. Are you still trying to use an old version with Google branding?

Hi Dave and community,

I only installed it recently (within a year) so my version is 2016 Pro, but I just checked and cannot find the sketchup email… What should I do?? I need to use Sketchup ASAP but don’t want to pay for another licence. Could you please suggest how to terminate my current account and start a new one OR what other options I do I have without the email??

Please advise.

Contact SketchUp customer support and ask them to resend the license information.

Don’t terminate your existing account.

Thanks Dave,

But I do not have the email and therefore cannot find the serial number. What should I do??

Contact SketchUp Customer Support. They should be able to help you.

Dear Dave,

I bought the Sketchup from the web and therefore did not write down the serial no.


From the web? What exactly does that mean? What website?

If you bought a legitimate copy from SketchUp or an authorized seller, they would have sent you an e-mail with the license information. You should contact SketchUp or the authorized reseller for help in retrieving the license.

I just downloaded and paid from the Sketchup website. Didn’t get it from any dealers. But I cant seem to find the email and I’m sure its legit because I got it from the sketchup website…

Do you have the contact details to Sketchup? I cannot seem to find the contact details on the website.

Down at the bottom of the front page on the Sketchup site is a “Contact Us” link. Start there.

Dear Dave,


SketchUp Pro runs the first 30 days as an unlimited trial which should enable you to work asap.

Before dropping a system or reinstalling the operating system, remove the existing SUP license from the according license menu: