License information

I am trying to down load my SketchUp in my lap top but i need the license serial number and authorization code.
Please how can I find it.

Are you still using SketchUp 2019 as indicated in your forum profile?

If you bought a sketchup 2019 perpetual license and you are using a new machine or uninstalled and lost the serial number, maybe Colin can help you to recover it.

If you’re trying to use sketchup 2022 or 2023, you won’t find a serial number anywhere, those were for perpetual licenses, that kind of licenses aren’t sold anymore, sketchup 2021 was the last version sold with a perpetual license, now you just have to open sketchup and you’ll be asked to login, click on login and a web browser window will pop up, fill with your info account, you’ll receive a code to your phone immediately, type it and click enter, a message should appear saying that you are registered to all the features of sketchup pro and you’ll be able to use sketchup and layout without any issues. For security reasons you’ll have to do this once a month.

thank you for the help, as soon as I login in my laptop sketchup opens up but it disappears. I can open lay-out 2023 and style 2023 it works fine but sketchup 2023 no. I do have a subscription pro.

When you sign in you are now in your web browser. Can you switch back to SketchUp? If SketchUp closes unexpectedly, is that after you just signed in, or is it when you start a new document?

Do you get a bugsplat window at all?

No I have sketchup in my windows display, no in my browser, i can open up layout and style builder with no problem at all can do any functions, but sketchup not

when I start a new template document

I had that problem as well. Turned out to be the 3DX drivers. Do you have Space Mouse? If so, how did you get the drivers to be in the right place for SketchUp 2023?

No just a logictech