How do I get a license for previous sketchup versions?

i’ve tried searching through past discussions and i’m not finding a situation similar enough to mine to completely help. I’m waiting for sketchup to get back with me about my help I need, but this is proving to take longer than I had hoped. my issue has two parts

  1. my coworkers and I use sketchup Pro 2017 and we use licenses from that year. we’ve not upgraded since we’re not sure if the extensions we’ve had written will still function wiht the updated software.
    2.I’ve recently begun working remotely for part of hte work week. as I’ve seen directed in sketchup’s how to sites, I went to Help>remove license. when I went to use the license that I got from trimble’s online license wizard, I’m given a 2018 activation code that isn’t compatible with the 2017 software.

so my question is, how do i get my old license back?

Hi Jonathan-

You’ll definitely want to talk to someone on the support team here at SketchUp - they can downgrade a 2018 license to a 2017 license.