How do I get my upgrade to 2018 Pro from my 2017 Pro

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I have 2 standalone licenses for SketchUP PRO 2017 with one year’s Maintenance subscription & Support. The subscription is still live (it ends only in January 2018). I have purchased the software here in India through an authorized re-seller in my region. When I inquired with the re-sellers, they said that I might automatically get the new license codes for 2018 PRO from Trimble by mail. Since they were not sure of it, they said they would further get to know about it and let me know (The re-sellers were appointed in my region last year only after 2017 Pro had been launched - so, they too were not sure, I suppose).

Which is why I am posting my query here. Any info on this from you would be of great help to me.

Thanks in advance

Here is an article from Help Center, which describes license upgrade:
I think it is necessary to contact reseller again.

Thank you very much kirill200777. I have seen the link. As per that web page, since I have an active maintenance & support plan (subscription), I should be getting an email from Trimble (I assume so) giving me upgrade license codes to 2018 Pro. It is not specifically mentioned if I would get that mail from Trimble/SketchUP sales directly or through the re-selller. But till now I have not received any mails.

I shall, as advised by you, contact my re-seller and send him too the link you have given to follow up on this.

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If you purchased your license directly from Trimble and not through a reseller, Trimble should be sending you an e-mail. Make sure it didn’t wind up in your spam mailbox. You might need it to be resent. Go to and enter your existing info.

Thank you Dave. No, I did not purchase it direct from Trimble. It was through a re-seller in my region in India. Now that you have made it clear that I’d get the mail from Trimble, only if I had made a direct purchase from Trimble, which is not the case, I should then contact my re-sellers and get the upgrade codes through them.

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Yes. Exactly.

Thank you very much Dave. Your answer clears everything now. I treat my query as answered.

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Good luck getting your license info and enjoy SU2018.

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