Upgrading to Sketchup Pro 2018 with Maintenance PLan

I downloaded the 2018 Pro Sketchup 64 bit from the Website…I install the 2018 Pro…I find that my serial number has been changed for my user license…I cut and paste the New number from my Sketchup Web account… I paste it into the 2018 “Add license” box…NOw it wants an Authorization code!!..It would be AWESOME, if upgrades did several things.

  1. Overwrite existing software
  2. Automatically recognize the license and make any updates and Authorizations.
  3. Auto populate any USER CUSTOMIZED SETTINGS.

That being said, What do I do now to get 2018 Authorized?

I love Sketchup, but this has happened for the last several updates needing an ADDITIONAL authorization while on a Maintenance Plan.

Any Help is appreciated,
Steve G.

Well…Maybe I should poke around a bit first on my Sketchup Web account…I found the answer:
In my Sketchup License Manager webpage there is an option to have my license emailed to me (bottom left of page). I clicked on that and it emailed my current changed license AND the new authorization code to go with it…that problem solved.

Now to get my 2017 WORKSPACE set back up…Even though the File locations in Preferences are able to be exported and imported, SAME FOR SHORTCUTS, I still have to go through and set back up my workspace with each Upgrade…Sigh.

one of the best things about a SU upgrade is it doesn’t do this…

you can keep the old version until your happy with the replacement…


That john, IS a valid point. I would still like to have all my settings in the Workspace migrated over.


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