If I purchased a 2017 PRO license, can I have a previous PRO version for free?



There are some plugins I used to work with previous versions of Sketchup (ej thru 2015 version), but now that I have 2017 PRO they can’t be installed.
Te question is: If I have a 2017 PRO License, can I download a previous PRO Version for legal and use it too? with yhe same license?



No. Different releases have a different serial number.


What extensions? Maybe there is an alternative which works with 2017…
In short, the serial numbers of each version are different and accompanied with their own authorization code. They are basically different programs which can reside next to each other.
You can contact support for a downgrade of your license.
In general, i would not advice downgrading, though


Please provide some more info and someone here may be able to help you.

What plugins? Did you check the Trimble Extension Warehouse and SketchUcation Plugin Store (or wherever you originally got them) to see whether there are updated versions? What exactly do you mean by “can’t be installed”? For example, do you mean that the installer throws some kind of error, or that once installed the extensions themselves encounter errors? I’m assuming, of course, that you realize that the Extension Manager is now under the Window menu, no longer in Preferences!


Thank you all!
I have an old installer of Valis Architects’ Architecture Suite that can be installed only thru Sketchup 2015. To use it in my Sketchup 2017 PRO I have to update my license. That’s the main reason.
I think I’ll have to purchase the new version.


This may be irrelevant because I’m not sure of your situation. In any case, it is possible to have more than one version of SketchUp Pro installed concurrently. If you had 2015 before, you should still be able to run it. (I would suggest to not uninstall an older version of SketchUp Pro unless and until you are really sure that you won’t ever want to run it again. The license is good forever on the original machine(s).)

On the other hand if you do not now nor previously had a licensed copy of SketchUp 2015 Pro, then it’s probably impossible to get a license for it now.


Thanks Tom. I don’t have a license for SKP 2015. Instead of get a license for that, I will buy the package from Vali Architects for Sketchup 2018.
I will try with other plugins like Artisan and some other that I loved before.
The thing is that I was very innactive with my beloved Sketchup for the last three years but now I’m very active with it again.
Thanks to you all anyway. Your answers were very useful.


Ahh good old Artisan, saving my butt since 2011!


Not sure it would ever be implemented but I like the idea of a 2018 PRO license working in previews versions too.



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