Impossible to reactivate my pro licence 2017

I removed my pro 2017 licence on my laptop because I had to make a lesson in my school of architecture showing only Sketchup make.
Impossible to reactive that licence. I have a pro 2018 too but I need 2017 either.
Thank you

If I remember correctly, 3 months after installing Pro 2018, you lose the ability to install Pro 2017. I’m taking forever to migrate to a new machine (my fault), and though I still have Pro 2017 on my old machine (which is suffering from “Staingate”), I waited too long before trying to install it on the new machine. Now it’s too late and I can’t.

I’m not terribly happy with this policy. I have older versions of my other CAD program without a problem. At some point old files can’t be opened by new versions, so you may have to go back to older versions of the app to access legacy files. That’s a whole discussion in itself, but this policy doesn’t help any with this issue.

Not sure I understand why you were required to use only SU Make and had to remove the license in the first place. License and authorization information is not associated with individual skp files and can only be seen through the actual SU program file unless your computer is hacked somehow.

Why? Exactly what are you encountering?

I have attached several links that may help getting your license to work.


Hey @RTCool, your assumption is incorrect. Although this may be the case relative to some software, it is not so in regard to SketchUp.

Because each new release of SketchUp is backward compatible, you CAN open older files with newer versions of SU. Obviously files created by a more recent version such as SU 2017 cannot be opened in an earlier version such as SU 2015.

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In addition, whenever a new version is released, the activation of that version immediately puts the earlier version ‘on hold’ meaning you can not activate that earlier version on new systems. Network versions still have a 60 days period, though.
So best policy is: give the new version a trial period, decide if it is gonna work on youre system ( the hardware requirements of version 2017 and 2018 haven’t changed really, but there was a major change between 2016 and 2017, regarding the OpenGL) If you decide to upgrade your system take note that the activation of a license is linked to the MAC-adress(=network adapter) , so the Trimble server sees it as a new system if you’d replace that ( often built in on the motherboard)
So if you decide to upgrade you’re system, remove the old license from the old system (Welcome screen>License tab>Remove license) then install that version on you’re new system, activate license and then install the new version and activate that version as well.
Last step: get rid of the old system…

Yes, you are correct, that is true…at least for today. In fact, SketchUp has been excellent so far in in it’s ability to open old files. Just to test it, I just verified that Pro 2018 will open a SU3 model from 2003. There is, of course, no guarantee that that will always be true in the future.

The potential trap the policy sets up is this: Because SU opens all old files today, your are easily complacent enough not to update every old file you ever created. Hypothetically, Trimble might decide with SU2020, say, not to support SU3 files any more. If you think, “No problem, I’ll just launch an old copy of SU2018 and use that to update the the file version to where I can reach it,” you’re now blocked from that avenue. It hasn’t happened yet, and I’m not saying it necessarily will, but that potential is there.

I had to use SUpmake because since 7 years I teach SUpmake in a school of architecture in Paris, that mean I formed more than 1000 students to your product and some professionnals too as a trainer for the pro versions.
I wanted to show SUmake because it is the LAST free version usable whithout connection (that means really “for everyone” everywhere).
I am not happy with this politic too, I paid for that version, I want to use it as long as I want even if I own a 2018PRO and same for my old 2013 and 2014PRO with their specific plugins.

Hey guys…look, all of this is mere speculation about what may occur at some future point. From what I understand about the software, the intention has always been to maintain ongoing backward compatibility in new releases. I remember reading about this as a standard policy during the days when SketchUp was owned by @Last and also by Google. It seems highly unlikely to change, although I am in no position to guarantee anything.

On a slightly related note, Trimble has recently adopted the policy of deactivating SU2017 Pro licenses 30 days after installation/activation of an SU2018 Pro license on the same machine. A number of users have registered displeasure with this new policy, but I think many fail to see that this is not very different from the original policy which required that the program could only be housed on 2 systems and that only one of the systems could run the licensed version at any given time. It is my understanding that users can keep SU2017 on their computers, along with 2018, and continue to access and use the older version…they will no longer be able to validate or authorize the SU2017 license, however.

I believe this also happened with SU2016 and SU2017. Maybe earlier than that.

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Thanks @DaveR…that could very well be the case. I only wanted to offer an alliterative example without illustrating every instance.

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For more information on down saving files created in newer versions of SketchUp, please visit this link in our Help Center: Error: "The file was created in a newer version of SketchUp" | SketchUp Help

Here’s the official explanation about what happens to older versions of SketchUp Pro after activating your newest version: Immediately after you authorize your most current version of SketchUp Pro, your previous versions of this license will deactivate. Once your old license deactivates, you can keep using that version of SketchUp Pro on any computers that you’ve already authorized, but you won’t be able to use the previous version license to authorize any new computers.

For more information, please visit our Help Center article located at this link: Buying or Upgrading a License | SketchUp Help

Network Licenses work a little bit differently: Your previous version of your network license will expire and stop working 60 days after the first network user authorizes the newest version of SketchUp Pro.

For more information, please visit our Help Center article located at this link: Buying or Upgrading a License | SketchUp Help


you have licensed one (1) license, not a specific version. You can keep using an old version on any system already authorized but not authorize an old version which was deactivated again.

perhaps the misconception is that you payed for an upgrade instead of buying a new perpetual license for each new version.
Example: I bought SketchUp SketchUp in 2006 (€ 295) with updates, maintenance and reinstatement fees I payed about € 387 so a total of € 682 ( Now have the latest version 2018 so 11 versions of SketchUp in total)
If I had to pay for full versions, I had to pay about € 3500!
I choose to update my first license and with that choice came the consequense of not being able to install earlier versions on new systems. Saved me € 2800 , though

Perhaps, but my interpretation of the SketchUp license policy described in an earlier reply makes no distinction whether an older version was purchased as an upgrade from an even-older version, or purchased “in full.” Say I paid ~$700 for SketchUp Pro 2017 and $700 for SketchUp Pro 2018 (for whatever reason). From what I can see, my license for SketchUp Pro 2017 is deactivated when I activate the license for SketchUp Pro 2018. Seems that a user has at most one active SketchUp license, corresponding to the most recent version purchased.

No, if you buy a ‘full’ license you would have two different serial numbers, not distincted by the first two and last three letters, but the serial number in between.

I remember that SupPro was the first software I bought. Why ? Because the free version was soo generous and powrefull, I had no hesitation and I was broke and disemployed…
Now and how it turns with “My Sketchup”, the poor video about chess set modelling and that politic… I’m bored to be "milked ".
Let’s look at Blender definitely.

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